Tuesday, 1 May 2012

They're changing guards at Buckingham Palace...

Do you recognise the quote?  It is from "When we were very young" by A.A. Milne.  One of my Mam's favourites and quite appropriate because this post is about her brother who was a guard at Buckingham Palace and will be celebrated his 70th birthday recently.
So in honour of all of that, I'm stitched him a special birthday card.  Unfortunately it was too small to put the correct number and pattern of buttons for a Welsh guard, but I hope he'll forgive that small detail (in all senses of the words).
It was quite cute - eventhough I say so myself - and I added a '70' (one digit either side of the poor guardsman's head) in my own font.  I had a few aperture cards left from ages ago and a small red one suited it perfectly.  What a shame I forgot to photograph it in my rush to get to the post, but he was like one of these soldiers.