Monday, 15 October 2012

Getting cosy

Since my last post things have been quite busy 'chez nous'.  To be honest, I've no idea where September disappeared to and October is rapidly disappearing too!

We'll be having our new windows installed this week, so we've both (DH and I) been trying to get other odds and ends out of the way before that.

So, what, I hear you ask, have we been up to?  Well, sloppy paintwork has been cleaned off glass (a job we could really have done without, 'dear' builders!), dodgy TV signals have been seen to, privacy film ordered, bulbs delivered (and finally all have arrived), greenhouse guttering connected to the water butt, wood knots on double-doors have been sanded, sealed and painted (again, another job the builders didn't do very thoroughly), and, most messily, under-floor 'insulation' (aka bubble-wrap and polystyrene) has been removed from the cellar in preparation for nice new (and clean!) insulation.  A lot of the polystyrene was coming loose already, but we hadn't really thought how much of a fire hazard it was - and goodness knows how a good pile of cigarette butts found their way between the bubble-wrap and the wooden floor-boards!!!!  Little did we know it, but we've been living in a bonfire waiting to happen for the last two years!

[pictures of rubbish and dust]

So, in addition to the above, we've also started installing lovely Welsh wool insulation beneath our living room floorboards to keep out the winter draughts.  We're not quite finished yet, but, once we are, we should be beautifully cosy this winter!