Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Part of the reason for this blog was to get me back into regular crafting/embroidering.  And it has certainly helped with this.  I've also found that I think a lot more creatively/artistically since I started blogging and pinning.

Another 'side effect' of blogging has been the desire to complete my numerous UFOs or WIPs (the more I blog, the more I 'get' the lingo!).  Don't worry, I haven't suddenly changed the subject of my blogging to the extra-terrestrial.  Far from it! For the uninitiated amongst us I'm talking about UnFinished Objects or Works In Progress.

I was googling UFO to make sure I'd got the correct abbreviation for blogland and came across this blog, which made me feel so much better about some of my UFOs/WIPs (I really hope she manages to finish the quilt she started when she was expecting her daughter, 30 years ago!  But it gives me hope).  I also thought I'd follow the example and list my UFOs/WIPs so that we can all keep track of my progress!!  I just hope I don't regret this!

UFOs completed since starting Sew and Siw

Provencal napkins to match table cloth - started c.1998

Prairie Schooler 'cushions' - started c. autumn 2010
Breton napkins to match DM's tablecloth - started c.1999, completed May 2013
OK, I haven't exactly made great progress - but it's a start!  And I have started AND finished a few new projects in the meantime.
And this is what I've got left...

Spring flower tapestry cushion - started in 2008, although bought a couple of years earlier!
Table runner from East Friesland - started as an au-pair in 1991 
Granny's pair of tray cloths - goodness knows when Granny started it (and goodness knows when I'll finish them both!)
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