Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The key to it all

One of my aims this year is to finally do something with some of the supplies I've bought (no prizes for guessing where!) after having some 'bright idea' about making stuff to sell for charity or something and have ended up just storing for years on end.
Lavender pot
The stash!
Well, amongst this stash are some plastic key rings (and there are some fridge magnets here too).  I can't recall now what I was hoping to raise money for - probably something to do with my church - but they have remained untouched more or less since I got them!
Well, now the time has come to change all that and I've been looking for small enough motifs to stitch on them and wondered what on earth I could depict on them. Thankfully this month's Cross Stitcher has come to the rescue with a booklet of small designs for self-cover buttons, but I'm sure they'll look just as good on a key-ring.
Cardiff Blues keyring
However, it was obvious really. What are key rings for?  For keys of course, so why on earth I didn't think of making them into labels for keys, I've no idea.  So, with a bit of luck, I'll soon have some handy little tabs with cute and practical clues to what the keys are for ... front door, back door, shed, garage, car, cellar, bike, suitcase ... and goodness knows what else I'll think of!
DH also suggested that I make something for his dad, and I'd been wondering what I could make since I made things for most of the family for Christmas.  He's a big rugby fan, so DH sugggested something to do with his favourite team, the Cardiff Blues.  I must admit, I'm quite proud of how it has turned out considering the size and anything curved on a grid of squares is a bit of a nightmare.  I just hope I won't get into trouble for any breach of copyright!!
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