Friday, 25 January 2013

Valentine or Dwynwen?

I hadn't planned to be making cards this month, but as I was pottering the other day I came across some little motifs that I fancied trying out.  Then, following a conversation with DH I decided that instead of buying him a card for the Welsh equivalent of Valentine's day, St Dwynwen's day on 25th January, I'd make him one.

Somehow we've got into the habit of me giving him a card on Dwynwen's day and him giving me a card on Valentine's day.  And when I was teaching Welsh culture etc at the London Welsh School, the kids and I made some cards for Dwynwen's day after learning her story.  They thought it was great that I was making a card for DH!!  So, now that I'm a craft blogger I'm going to try and make him a card every year now.

 While I was stitching away, we received some lovely news about Spanish friends who came to visit us in the autumn.  Their little boy was born at the beginning of the month, so to congratulate them, I've decided to make them a card too (but obviously not a Dwynwen/Valentine one!!).

In fact, I've been enjoying making such quick 'makes', I may start to make more so that we have a stock ready for use.
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