Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Year of the ... bunny

Trying to think of a headline for this post that had something to do with being happy, babies and rabbits was a bit difficult!  First of all I thought 'jumping for joy', but rabbits hop and 'hopping mad' didn't sound appropriate somehow!  And 'hopping for joy' just sounded silly.  And anything to do with breeding and rabbits was a bit crude!  So, following a (very crowded) visit to Chinatown over the weekend to experience the Chinese New Year celebrations I decided to use that idea as my heading.
Anyway, to get to the point, although it is now the Year of the Snake, for a number of our friends 2013 seems to be the year to start their families.  So, I've been stitching cards again and have found a rather cute rabbit motif to use (which is a lot nicer than stitching a snake!).  I rather liked the little chick I stitched for our other friends' baby but decided against using it this time for the birth of our friends' little girl.
Then another couple we know have had twins (a boy and a girl), so I reversed the colours and stitched two, side by side, one in each colour (although normally I don't favour blue for a boy, pink for a girl - I'm all for equality and bought my eldest DN a pink babygro when he was born - much to my BIL's chagrin!!).

So, we're hopping for joy for the new additions to our friends' families - even if it does sound a little odd!
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