Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Revamping my 'craft' room

For years I have dreamt of having a dedicated sewing/craft room, but it hasn't materialised.  Mainly because in the past I haven't had the space.  So my sewing gear etc has been stashed in wardrobes, cupboards, bookshelves, trunks ... and invariably moved around as the space demanded.

Now we have a lovely spacious house, but still I haven't had a dedicated room and again my sewing stuff has been spread over various parts of the house - attic, cellar, spare room, living room cupboard, trunk and various bags.  However, we've had a spare room that has become a bit of a dumping ground as it hasn't a specific use and this has been annoying us both.  It has become home to the books that don't fit onto the shelves in the living room, our spare desk, our (now) disused filing cabinet, items I intend to sell on Ebay or similar, my German teaching supplies, photo albums (again, that don't fit on the living room shelves), and some of my craft gear.

Recently I've been using the room a lot more as my sewing room (for my humungous task of the largest curtains in Britain) and, well, frankly, I've had enough of the shambles.  It is high time that the room had some sort of function and 'prettified' (and that we tidied things up a bit more!). So, over a couple of weekends, and with a bit of help from DM and DF and a sneaky trip to Ikea, it has changed from this...

I know - a mess or what?
to this ....

A nice cosy sewing or reading corner
A dedicated sewing space that can be turned at right
angles to the wall for bigger projects.
The perfect 'door plate' for my new-look room
It is still a bit more tidying to do and it is still a little bare and spartan, but adorning the top of the cupboard with some of my travel souvenirs and adding a couple of shelves in the alcove above the trunk has freed up space on the bookshelves (which have had yet another temporary reprieve!  Not my favourite of DH's contributions to our household), so they a) look tidier and more attractive and b) provide space for stuff that has been cluttering up other spaces.  I've also been able to display a few more of my works on the walls too.

One day we might add a rug and change the curtains, but for now, at least it's a step in the right direction!
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