Sunday, 7 April 2013

Blood, sweat and tears

Well, at long last, finally, o'r diwedd, endlich, enfin ...

... we have a PAIR of curtains in the living room.

Yes, you did read that correctly - A PAIR, two, one at either side of the window, at each end of the curtain pole.

Can you believe it?!  I barely can, to be honest!

And WHAT a relief.  I was beginning to think that I'd never get there and I'd been a complete idiot even contemplating making such ENORMOUS curtains single-handedly.

To be honest though, it wasn't single-handed.  Without DF and DH's help with the calculations for the pleats and DH's help with laying the second one out and measuring three times (yes, THREE times), I was VERY close to throwing in the towel (or should I say curtain).

Admittedly, I still have to hem about 10 miles of curtains (I've already used a kilometre of sewing thread - literally!) and buy some weights for the hems.  And I haven't even started on the matching dining room pair (which are at least a fraction of the width of these monsters).

But I'm thrilled to bits that both are now up.

We almost had a "disaaaaaaster" (to quote Craig Revel Horwood) when I was trying to move an extra ring to the other side of the bracket after both curtains were up.  Diolch, thank you, merci, danke to DH for his patience, soothing words, muscle and spare pair of hands to a) hold the weight of the curtain and b) pick up all the bits I dropped in my panic.

And to explain the title of this post;
blood - I've stabbed my fingers so often making these curtains that I have literally bled my way through the process (and there has been the odd stain on the fabric too - hopefully all now hidden within pleats where it didn't all come off)
sweat - trying to man-handle that much fabric to hang so high up is brilliant aerobic exercise!
tears - well, there weren't any, but they were VERY close on a number of occasions.

Oh, and sorry for all the italics, capitals, exclamation marks etc!!!!!

Now, where is that champagne?
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