Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spring headbands

We've just had a lovely Easter weekend with my PIL and DH's family.  It was a bit of a shame that the weather is STILL nothing like spring, but at least we saw some sunshine.

Our little DNc and DNw were there too, charming us all and providing fabulous entertainment all weekend. But two and half year-old DNc's hair, like most toddler's hair, is fine and fly-away and now that it is a bit longer, was constantly in her eyes and her alice bands and clips just weren't staying put.  So after we got home, out came my stash of ribbons and SIL chose a few she liked and whilst I was watching Broadchurch on Easter Monday

I made some elasticated headbands for DNc.  I hope they'll fit.

Here is the method (which is more or less what I'd thought up myself but simpler and actually thanks to a Martha Stewart video I found online).
Materials (essential):
tape measure
buttons, bows, charms, beads, other embellishments
  1. Measure your head (roughly where you'd wear a headband).  I usually work in centimetres, but this time I worked in inches just because it was a nice round figure.  So, my example was 20 inches.
  2. Deduct a small amount, in my case I deducted 2 inches, to allow for a bit of give so the band will 'grip'.
  3. Deduct another small amount - this is to split the measurement between the ribbon and the elastic.  I went for 15 inches and 3 inches, which will give me an 18 inch headband to fit a 20 inch head.
  4. I cut my ribbon to 16 inches (to allow a generous half inch at either end to neaten the ends) and 3.5 inches of elastic. 
  5. Turn up approximately 0.5 inch at one end of your ribbon.  Centre one end of the elastic on it, so that it looks a bit like this ....
  6. Stitch elastic to ribbon to secure in place.  Fold sides of ribbon over and sew ribbon edges together, so it looks a bit like this .....
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the other ends of the ribbon and elastic (take care to ensure that neither the elastic nor the ribbon has twists in it)
  8. (optional step) add embellishments, such as bow, rosette, button ....
  9. Et voila, a pretty, cheap, easy and unique headband for yourself, a friend or a child.  And as Martha says in her video, it is a nice project to do in company and chat whilst doing it (although DH and Broadchurch were my 'company', the conversation wasn't flowing all that much).
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